The Hardest Job in the World

8 November 2011, 20:16 CDT

While our soldiers come home too often unseen, you are the ones waiting at the airport for your husband, the kids for dad, that no one notices.  You’ve gone to bed so many lonely nights you wish you could lose count, praying and crying alone to God the phone doesn’t ring, that there will be no knock at the door tonight.

For a months, often a year or more, life at home has kept moving.  There are still carpools for school, soccer games, ballet lessons, birthdays, bedtimes, bike rides, bandaids, broken bones, and more.

You manage to keep the house running as a single parent.  You hear the little ones say, “I miss dad, when’s he coming home?” and your heart breaks just a little each time.  You miss him too but have to be strong and brave for him, for them.

Like your solider man, you volunteered for this assignment.  You knew what you were getting into, but no one ever remembers you.  No one ever says “thank you.”  You’d be grateful if they just remembered him every now and again.  For your family, the yellow ribbon isn’t just a magnet – it is your husband, the father of your children, your best friend.

You have the hardest job in the world.  You are a military wife and mom.

from Flyover Country, thank you.

Video c/o @ajenable and family.

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