Insane weather

25 October 2005, 22:35 CDT

I have family in Broward county Florida – where Wilma just came roaring through, not so gracefully from what they say. There is significant damage from Naples on the west coast at least southeast through Broward county. Power will probably be out in most places for at least a month. Nextel phones are useless. Verizon almost as much. Water is also out. I’m told a neighbor failed to secure their canoe and it became an aircraft with very poor flight characteristics in the 125+ MPH winds. I spoke with someone else who works for Nationwide who said that they are redirecting at least some resources from the Gulf coast. He also said that even with the lack of infrastructure, some 2000+ auto damage claims had already been filed.

My sister just had another baby a few days ago. Emma Lee. I really like that name. I’m glad I came up with it. Lee is my sister’s middle name. I only remember that because of all the times I heard her middle name used in vain while we were growing up. I think it was someone else’s middle name before her.

3 Responses to “Insane weather”

  1. ender90 says:

    her name isnt emma lee… dunno if that was intentional or not, but its emily grace. but good try?

  2. f16pilotwife says:

    Haha, thanks Carrie for clearing that one up… he just figures it’s easiest to remember their names if they both have my middle name I guess:) And I guess since he came up with it, too that makes it even easier for him to remember! I think it must be old age;)

  3. ender90 says:

    yeah it must be. hes what, 30 now? ;P

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