TiVo trick

15 February 2006, 23:49 CDT

Sometimes my TiVo gets dumb. Or rather, I think the “TiVo Desktop” software gets dumb. For some reason this time it decided that it was going to keep downloading this week’s ep of 24 to my PC. For hours – but only the first 50 minutes or so of it. I finally told it to stop, but when I tried to restart the download, it knew about every other show, except 24. It just said “Details Unavailable” where 24 should have been. So instead I went around the software to my TiVo’s webserver as per http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/wlg/6175?wlg=yes. Unfortunatley the HTTP implementation is a little bit goofed, and it doesn’t send the correct headers when you try to download the file. It doesn’t report the size of the file, so the browser can’t calculate how long it will take. FF is reporting a transfer rate of 285KB/sec, but the switch on my desk isn’t blinking at 285KB/sec.


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  1. zonereyrie says:

    To fix that ‘Details Unavailable’ issue, track down the TiVo Desktop’s cache folder on your PC (it’ll be in something like C:\Documents and Settings\Mr MegaZone\Local Settings\Application Data\TiVo Desktop – modulo your user name) and delete everything in the Cache – and perhaps the loose files in that directory (above Cache). That should fix it. It happens when it chokes on cached info. (Hi, I run )

  2. rhornsby says:

    Good call. The cache didn’t even occur to me.

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