Way #106 TiVo has changed my life

20 March 2006, 22:04 CDT

Okay, really now. How could a piece of home entertainment equipment be so revolutionary? Let me tell you way #106 (the other 105 are stuck in the back of my head somewhere) that TiVo has changed my life. I have a single-tuner series2 TiVo. This means I can only record one thing at a time. No big deal. I wanted to watch something else while the TiVo was recording, but needed to step out for a minute, so I cranked up the old 13″ TV with the built-in VCR. I pushed record. Then I realized that I had already missed a couple of minutes of the program. Then I realized those couple of minutes were gone. If I’d been using the TiVo, and I’d already been on the channel I wanted to record, the TiVo would pick up from the start of the show – and I would get the whole thing.

Not with a VCR. If you want to watch the program you’re recording, you get to wait until it is finished recording. Not so with a TiVo boys and girls. Start watching your program when *you* want to.


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  1. f16pilotwife says:

    Maybe you should just go get a job selling TiVo or do their website or something:)

  2. zonereyrie says:

    Or just join us on 😉

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