Mustangs and Legends

30 September 2007, 18:29 CDT

Went out to the Mustangs and Legends show yesterday for a few hours. Way cool. There were over 100 P-51s in attendance – the largest gathering of Mustangs since WWII. The Thunderbirds were also there. Several demonstrations included things like pyrotechnics with B-17s, P-41s, and several others. It was very cool to see the 51s escorting the bombers. You could start to get a sense of what it would have looked like back then to have the fighters come roaring overhead.

One really interesting thing was that they had a Jap Zero on display, and the placard mentioned that there were only two flying zeros left in the world. With so many P-51s and all the rest of the WWII era American aircraft, I thought it was neat that so many across the country work so hard to preserve vintage aircraft – in flying condition no less.

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