S3 channel changing bug?

9 December 2007, 16:33 CDT

Called TiVo support this morning, been noticing some strange behavior with my S3. I discovered a trick on my S2 a while back, I have it set to manually record 5 minutes of cable news at 0600 every day. That way when I wake up the news is already on, and if I want I can go back and watch the previous 30 minutes. The S3 works the same way most of the time. Except when the night before and I’ve tuned to one of the cable operator’s digital music channels.

In those cases, when I wake up the S3 has recorded the five minute block of news, but then switched both tuners to the music channel. The TiVo support guy figures it is recording a suggestion from the music channel. Except 1) there is nothing in the suggestions (the entire channel is 2-hour blocks of music in the guide) that has been recorded. 2) Why would the TiVo switch both tuners to the channel to record a suggestion 3) A service update from quite a while back makes it so that after recording a suggestion, the TiVo returns to the channel it was on previously. I also mentioned to him that there is something different about the music channels because the music skips for about 10 seconds after tuning – sort of like the content is being buffered or something.

This certainly seems like a bug to me. It might be a minor one, but the behavior seems irrational and un-TiVo-like.

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