Technical support on Sundays

9 December 2007, 16:18 CDT

Apparently calling technical support for anything on a Sunday is a bad idea. I haven’t opened Quicken in months (bleh) but decided it was time to update my financial picture. I don’t expect participating institutions to troubleshoot Quicken, only their stuff. The first problem I ran into was that it couldn’t do an online update my Citibank account, it just said there was an error and to call Citibank. The guy asked me if I could log in to my account online through the website. I said yes. He asked what browser I was using (?), and when I told him Firefox he put me on hold. He came back a couple of minutes later and said they don’t support Firefox or Safari. I tried explaining to him that the browser wasn’t relevant, but he wouldn’t listen.

So I fired up Internet Explorer and logged in, successfully. Then he has me go and reset some random settings in IE. Then try to restart Quicken. This is ridiculous. I finally gave up and told him this wasn’t helping that I was going to go figure it out on my own. I did later figure out that Quicken had an old account number. You’d think that me giving him the exact error code (their system was reporting back to Quicken) and message that it would be a clue. Nope.

Then I was trying to add my car loan to Quicken, and add it as an “electronic” account. Apparently there are some steps you have to go through on the bank’s website to initialize the account in Quicken. No big deal. I find the form that says “All Dates” and “Quicken Webconnect” and I hit “(Download)” to be greeted with this: The server is unable to find the requested file /servlet/efsonline/ValidateExportFilterData

Hmm, thats odd. I tried again and got the same message. I called the bank to see if they knew what was up, and to let them know there appeared to be a problem with their site. She said that I wasn’t able to download any information about my loan – only checking account info (which I don’t have with them). I tried explaining to her that I understood, but that this was a pretty strange way of saying that I wasn’t able/allowed to download my loan history from the website. She explained to *me* that I was trying to ask the computer to do something it didn’t understand, so that it was giving me a random error message and that I should basically stop trying because I was confusing the computers. Nice, eh?


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