OS X 10.5 (Leopard) First Impressions

10 January 2008, 16:04 CDT

Upgraded my Macbook from OS X 10.4 to .5 (Leopard) today. First impressions are mixed. The install/upgrade process took a while, but was hands-off for the most part. After a couple of reboots for software updates – including an ominous /!\ dialog about boot caches needing to be updated, and a hang during boot, it seems to have installed fine.

However, the one thing that probably drives me more nuts than anything in a computer, is when it tells me I don’t have sufficient access to perform an operation. Windows does this often enough when I try to kill a hung process. As an administrator, I should be able to kill any process or delete any file I want. The consequences are mine to bear. In Leopard’s case, I was simply trying to rename a folder. I have a folder aptly called ‘downloads’ where I store applications, tarballs, etc that I’ve downloaded from the ‘net. I point Firefox at it so that files go there automagically. Leopard figured out this was a special folder and gave it a pretty icon. I decided to rename the folder “Downloads” (capital D) to be more consistent with the other folders (Documents, Movies, etc). Except, I’m not allowed. The Finder says “You do not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation” or so such nonsense. Thankfully someone has a solution

skyhawk:~ $ mv downloads/ Downloads
mv: rename downloads/ to Downloads: Permission denied
skyhawk:~ $ ls -ld downloads/
drwxr-xr-x+ 153 sj sj 5202 Jan 10 13:13 downloads/
skyhawk:~ $ chmod -RN downloads
skyhawk:~ $ mv downloads/ Downloads

I don’t know what the trailing + means, and I have no idea what the N is either. But it worked.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How do you have time to write such weird nonsense? Isn’t there something more productive you could be doing? Like mailing an XP cd or working on an F-16 sticker?:) Thanks for the help. Speaking of being productive, I think I need a cat nap in between cleaning 🙂

    ~Mrs. Kiddo 🙂

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