Census Bureau Promises

8 February 2010, 23:19 CDT

The United States Census Bureau’s single constitutional role is to count the population.  They’re running ads on TV right now talking about how we should fill out the census forms so that our communities can get the funding they need for various projects.  First, how does the Census figure, in this economy, it makes sense to spend $2.5 million on a 30 second superbowl ad? Second, where does the United States government get off redistributing our wealth?

Think about it for a second.  You pay taxes to the federal government so that they can conduct the business of government, fund the military, etc.  If the federal government has enough money to send some back to the states where it came from, why do we give them that much money in the first place?  Does that money not belong to we the people who earned it first?  We could keep more of our own money, maybe pay a little more in local and state taxes and less in federal taxes.  Community projects could be funded locally, without the overhead and cut the feds take before the money ever gets back to us.  Does our money belong to some clown in Washington who knows more about our town than we do?

The census bureau is mandated to count the number of people every ten years for the purposes of allocating representatives to the House of Representatives.  Congress is mandated to protect and defend the Constitution. Not redistribute the fruits of individual labor as they see fit.

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