MSNBC presents: ‘The McVeigh Tapes’

22 April 2010, 23:18 CDT

Stage Right producer Meredith Dake nailed it with her first post on An Oklahoma native, she chose the subject of the Oklahoma City bombing, and how MSNBC treated the 15th anniversary. Meredith writes in part:

MSNBC showed nothing but a cold and callous eye to those of us here in Oklahoma, and it’s because they hate Oklahoma and our ideals that we stand for (which are remarkably similar to the rising Tea Party movement). We picked ourselves up, without the federal government. All counties voted red in the last election. We have a church on every corner. We epitomize everything MSNBC hates: conservatives who live and work for themselves, who give generously to their fellow man, and have a fear of the Almighty. We don’t sit around after ice storms and tornadoes waiting for a government bureaucrat to come by and help us out. We look to our neighbors first, our churches second and our government last. A people like that can’t be controlled with liberal nanny-state ideology and we don’t want to be.

To varying degrees, this is every small town, nearly every part of America between the coasts.  This … is flyover country.

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