Another Life Lesson From Nixa

27 April 2011, 00:20 CDT

Yesterday I got a real-life lesson in the depth of my relationship with Nixa.  It had been raining all day, and the wood stairs outside the apartment were wet and very slick.  I was taking her outside when I got home from work.  The result was bad.  I ended up slipping and falling most of the way down the stairs.  A nice big long scrape on one arm, and multiple bruises that still hurt today.

Nixa, instead of taking off, came right back to me before I could say anything but a few choice curse words on my way down.  I had plenty of momentum and thus time on the way down for several to come out of my mouth. She stopped and turned around looking at me with ears mostly laid back and eyes wide.  It was immediately apparent she knew and understood what happened.  As she came up to me the only word I can use to describe her demeanor is worried.  She immediately started licking my face.  She’s very affectionate, so that for her isn’t unusual in and of itself.  However, the depth of her concern, the worried look, struck me.

Nixa and I have known each other for over 7 years.  It finally hit me today when I was having a conversation about what happened that she worries about me like I worry about her.  When she is sick, not feeling well, or hurt, I often don’t know what to do – in part because I don’t know what is wrong.  I feel awful because there is so little I can do for her, and I worry about her.  She is much the same with me.  She knew I was in pain, and was genuinely hurting for me.  She didn’t know what to do to make me feel better, so she did the only thing she knew – she loved me.

That is what a best friend does.

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