Chaos at the Libertarian Party Convention

7 May 2012, 19:48 CDT

If the headline seems familiar, it should be.  A little over a month ago, Flyover Country reported on the chaos at a Missouri Caucus.  The Paul supporters reacted negatively, and left several comments along the lines of “shame on you and your complete mischaracterization”.  Saturday, – a libertarian publication – published a piece titled “Anarchy at the Libertarian Party Convention

Las Vegas – After a relatively uneventful president and vice-presidential nominating process, all hell broke loose at the Libertarian National Convention when the Libertarian Party attempted to pick a new national committee chair. The race between current chair Mark Hinkle and vice chair Mark Rutherford fell into disarray when a group of delegates associated with Lee Wrights made a push for the option of None Of The Above.

The selection of “None of the Above,” or NOTA, would exclude Hinkle and Rutherford from future rounds of ballots, while opening the race to candidates who can be nominated from the floor. Wrights said he would accept the nomination.

That sounds oddly familiar.  We told our readers about the ousting of the presumptive county chair, and how confusion reigned.  We stood by our reporting from that day.  Given the anarchy wrought by Ron Paul supporters around the state of Missouri on caucus day, and now Reason’s reporting on the same kind of antics at their national convention – we feel quite vindicated that we reported honestly and accurately the events that transpired.

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