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CNN: Texas Hillbilly Folk Protectin’ Their Own

12 June 2012 – 20:41 CDT

You have 90 seconds to tell a story about a dad who fought off, and killed, his daughter’s attacker.  Quick: what one point do you most want to get across to the audience?  Do you talk about the little girl and her family’s suffering, or would you choose to focus on the fact that dad may not be charged with murder?

A few days ago, a Texas father caught a man in the act of molesting the father’s 4 year old daughter.  In defense of his child, the father punched the attacker in the head to the point where the man died.  In their report, CNN mocks the residents of Shiner, Texas who would have done the same thing for their children.

The reporter admonishes us not to rush to judgement quite yet. “We don’t know all the details of this case,” she says, as if that has ever stopped the media from wild speculation, or jumping to conclusions before.  She wants to know from the Sheriff if dad should be charged.  In a veiled warning to viewers the local authorities can’t be trusted, that a small town might be incapable of fairness in this case, her voiceover informs us “Sheriff Harmon [pause for emphasis] has children, too.”

No where in the nearly 90 second package does the reporter inquire or even seem interested in the well-being of the father or his daughter.  Not once does she even feign concern that a child has been irreparably damaged.  She wishes to prove a point about how “these people” take matters into their own hands.

“The people of Shiner don’t need a jury on this one.  We couldn’t find a single person who thinks the father should be locked up.”  Please CNN, interview someone from your part of the country that thinks a father protecting his precious daughter, a girl not even old enough to go to school yet, should be incarcerated for ending the life of a man who before his very eyes is violating his little girl.  She never hints the father’s devastation not only at what happened to his daughter, but remorse for what he did to the man.

Yet, this reporter from the “most trusted name in news” demonstrates a complete lack of compassion for the family, with her big-city leftist hubris driving the narrative.

The undertone is quite clear: Flyover Country folk are backward hillbillies, and wild west justice prevails.

Small wonder CNN’s ratings, at a 20 year low, are in the tank.

h/t Big Journalism

A Hero is Lost: RIP Andrew Breitbart

1 March 2012 – 10:57 CDT

I guard the title of “hero” very closely.  Andrew Breitbart passed away today at the age of 43.  He leaves behind a wife and four kids.  I had the chance to meet him for the first time at Smart Girl Summit in St Louis last summer.  For all of his boisterous personality and public battles with the left, Andrew was a genuinely nice guy.

I happened to be walking back from wherever I was to the area where the conference was being held.  As one does, I fell in behind a guy who was going the same way.  Didn’t recognize him, didn’t think much of it until he turned around slightly when he opened a door.  Andrew Breitbart was walking in front of me.  What struck me immediately was that he was carrying coffee. But not just one coffee, he was carrying one of those trays from Starbucks that holds four cups of coffee.  As I followed him in to the venue, he stopped at a table where Jon David Kahn and Holly Bacon were sitting to drop off one of his cups of coffee for Jon.

Andrew Breitbart, giant of a man, celebrity, figure head of the Breitbart empire of new media, hugely popular, capable of untold influence, force of nature, happy warrior, and bane of the left went to go get coffee for other people.

Andrew is my hero not just for his fierce and eloquent defense of conservative principles, not just for how he believed in, advocated, and used the power of new and social media as a force for the good of the republic, not just for his hatred of bullies or his love for our troops, but for the humble servant who made a coffee run that day in St Louis.

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The Case For Life: A Speech for Generations

4 February 2012 – 19:48 CDT

Senator Marco Rubio gives me great hope for the future of our republic.  I can’t do better than Ben’s title, which hardly covers it “Greatest pro-life speech in a generation”

Watch this, now.  It is worth your time.

h/t @bdomenech

Obama’s Mickey Mouse Speech

19 January 2012 – 11:18 CDT

A couple of years ago, I wrote about Obama coming to Columbus and basically wrecking a full-scale, city-wide disaster exercise that major airports are required to perform every three years.  For his ten minutes on the ground, workers at the site of his jobs speech were sent home without pay.

President Obama is above it all, our first post-American president.  He certainly didn’t learn anything from his trip to Ohio, because on the heels of killing the Keystone pipeline project and associated jobs, he has struck again in Orlando.  On short notice, he decided to show up in Disney World interrupting and disrupting the vacations of thousands of families to give a speech, ironically on tourism.

Normal folks save up years and years to afford a trip to the Magic Kingdom.  Mom and Dad have to coordinate their time off from work between their own bosses and each other, the kids’ school, etc.  They save and plan well in advance.  Most people can’t just stay over an extra day to make up the time and aren’t likely to get a refund on their park admission.

This is our president.  A man above the country, above the people who, never having held one, knows nothing about a real job and working long hours to be able to afford the extravagance of a trip to Orlando.  Ever the community organizer, Obama’s hubris and disrespect for the individual he claims to champion knows no bounds.  So far out of touch and out of step with flyover country, it would be laughable if it weren’t so infuriating.

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