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Detroit: Zero Tolerance Beats Doing the Right Thing

15 May 2012 – 20:53 CDT


Detroit groundskeeper fired after finding loaded gun, handing it to cops

A Detroit groundskeeper, who turned in a loaded handgun he found hidden in weeds while working, was fired by the Wayne County Department of Public Services, reports.

John Chevilott, who is just two years shy of retirement, found the loaded snub-nosed revolver on May 3 when he and his crew were mowing a lawn in Wayne County. Chevilott secured the gun, waiting for police to drive by so he could hand it over to them.

But, according to the station, the Detroit police never did pass by, so Chevilott finished his work that day, drove the gun home and later that same evening turned it into his local police department.

He says the cops ran the gun and discovered the weapon had been stolen from St. Clair Shores in 2005.

“They said I did the right thing getting it off the street,” Chevilott told

However, Chevilott’s superiors at the Wayne County Department of Public Services had a much different opinion. His foreman, who had knowledge of the situation, was suspended for 30 days, and after 23 years on the job, Chevilott was fired for violating department policies.

According to a Wayne County spokeswoman and the rules, employees aren’t allowed to possess a weapon on work property.

Chevilott says he didn’t bring a weapon to work. He found it on the job.

“There is no policy. I’ve never seen a policy what to do if we find a gun out here. So, all I did was secure the situation to make sure nobody else got hurt or killed.”

Two years away from retiring, and the guy gets fired for doing the right thing – most likely stripped of his pension saving cash-strapped Detroit how much?  One has to wonder if the financial impact of cutting off a 23 year employee 24 months away from his retirement factored in and was just too good of an excuse.  Setting that aside for a moment, as if the motor city needs more unemployment?

This is what happens when zero tolerance leftist policies, devoid of any sanity or reason, rule the day.  This is one rare case where I hope the guy sues the city and wins.  Big time.

New Era of Foreign Relations

11 May 2012 – 18:49 CDT

Simply put, the left hated George W Bush for more reasons than I have room to list.  Some legit, mostly not.  They assured and crowed about the new era of relationships with world leaders under President Obama, so severely soured under President Bush that they were virtually irreparable.  One of the great savior of the world Obama’s first acts was a mind-numbing insult to our closest ally – the return of a post-9/11 gift to the British.

Today, the American and British intelligence communities are said to be furious with the Obama administration for leaking classified, operational intelligence about a bomb plot.

“In their place, I would think two and three times before sharing with the Americans, and then only do it if I had to. The problem with that dynamic is that you don’t know what you don’t know, and what opportunities you might be missing when you decide not to share. The Americans are doing a very good job of undermining trust, and the problem starts at the top.”

The timing of the information about the CIA’s foiling of a would-be bomber just a few days after Obama’s victory lap trip to Afghanistan to visit US military who fight on his behalf seemed odd.  Now we know why.

A new era of foreign relations.  If by “new era” you mean acting time and again to ensure that our British friends may never trust the United States of America again, then yes. We’re in a new era.

Campus Crusade Changes Their Name

22 July 2011 – 22:30 CDT

Beginning in 2012, Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCi) will officially rename their U.S. operations to “Cru”.  When the news of this broke on twitter, I was kind of confused.  I couldn’t figure out why the organization would be dropping “Christ” from their name, since it seemed to be at the very core of the mission.  I would know about the mission, I spent 4+ years heavily involved at Ohio State on a nearly daily basis and at the regional level for our annual Christmas Conferences.  My weeks in college were generally 12-15 hours of classes, 20 hours of paid work, and 20-50+ hours spent doing volunteer work for  Crusade — depending on what we had going.

I had a few tweets back and forth with a couple of people about the subject, including Todd Starnes.  While his name was familiar, I didn’t know who Todd was, just seemed like a guy on twitter scratching his head like I was.  I pretty much forgot about it until the next morning on my way into work when Glenn Beck opened his show talking about the change.  I replied to the conversation from the previous night and mentioned that Beck was kind of going off about it.

Todd responded and asked me to send him a quick email and said that he was working on a story for this topic.  In twenty minutes or so, I thumbed out an email on my phone answering Todd’s questions about what I thought about the change.  I was pretty up front that it didn’t make much sense to me, and I explained why it didn’t make sense and how I saw it in the larger context of political correctness’s war on Christian faith.  I figured a sentence or maybe two would end up in a blog post on FoxNation somewhere.

A portion of my email ended up in the article that Todd wrote, which went up on  To be completely fair, I do not believe that Todd took anything I said out of context or tried to twist my words.  He asked if it would be okay to quote me and I didn’t have a problem with it.  My words are mine and I own them.

The unexpected fallout from what was published hit home when an old friend who stays in touch with the CCCi staff called to explain that I and the article were the topic of conversation among CCCi leadership yesterday, and that the article was posted on the front page of  I never expected my comments to reach so far.  I’m a single insignificant person, with an insignificant voice.

Unfortunately, in part because I know at least a handful of the staff, my published statements were taken as a personal attack.  They were never meant as such.  We just disagree on this matter.  That being said, much of my understanding of my own faith comes from the time spent under wise teaching of campus staff.  I want to extend my heartfelt apology to any of the CCCi folks who were hurt by my words.  I know from working along side you in the past that you are sincere in your efforts to reach the world for the Kingdom.

I will have more on the subject, as well as thoughts from my email that weren’t published which may help explain my position a little bit better than the FNC article does.  That, however, is for another day.

Edit: It was pointed out that the change, as per CCCi’s website, only affects U.S. operations.  The first paragraph was changed to reflect this. (h/t Eric Seymour)

#FF: The 18-Feb Edition

18 February 2011 – 09:46 CDT

I mostly follow people who I have an off-twitter relationship (friends & family) with, or whose interests are similar to mine: conservative politics, aviation, tech.  #FF (Follow friday) is a good tool for suggesting to twitter friends who you think of the folks you’re following, that they should follow also.  But I’m often left asking myself one question when I see a #FF: “My timeline is already really busy, why should I follow this person?”  Inspired by @glenasbury‘s “10 Questions”, here is my #FF for this week with an answer to “why”.

Larry O’Connor @Stage_Right

Host of the Stage Right Show on Blog Talk Radio and UStream, Larry is also the editor of  I first came across Larry last year right after @demonsheep exploded onto the scene.  He wanted to interview the red-eyed, soul-consuming, political sensation on his show.

Larry’s show is a no holds barred, take no prisoners examination of politics and current events from a guy who spent many years in the theatre industry – a domain dominated by liberals.  He is unashamedly conservative in a town where that kind of thing can get you in trouble – and out of work – fast.  One of the things that I like about Larry the most is that he always treats his guests, especially the ones with whom he disagrees politically, with a high degree of respect.  He isn’t trying to pick a fight with folks like Tommy Christopher or the spokesman for the New Black Panther party, but he truly wants to have a conversation and yet never backs down from a confrontation.  Larry does his homework and begins from the foundation that truth isn’t relative – his main weapon are the immutable facts of whatever topic he’s discussing.  A genuinely nice guy, he isn’t afraid to ask his female guests to describe to him on air what they’re wearing.  It is radio, after all.

The Stage Right Show airs Monday through Friday, 0000-02000ET (2100-2300PT) on and blogtalkradio.
Following since: February 2010
First met in person: CPAC 2011


Glen Asbury @glenasbury

Certainly, this post wouldn’t be complete without taking some time to mention one of the inspirations for what hopefully will become a valuable series.  Glen is one of those people I don’t know as well as I’d like.  Partly, I think because he is the kind of guy who asks you the questions about your life, and is genuinely interested in the answer – never really shining the light on himself.  Glen is not afraid to defend his conservative views, but does so in a thoughtful and soft-spoken way.  When on the road, Glen often tweets of how much he misses his kids and how he can’t wait to get home to see them.  I was fortunate to spend a small amount of time with Glen here and there at CPAC last week, and one night when a group of us were at dinner, he made a remark, kind of in passing, that has stuck with me.  He said that (because of his visit to DC) this was the first year he missed his wife’s birthday.  This simple statement, and the way he said it, speaks volumes to me about how much he loves and misses his family.

Would that more men treated their wives and kids in the regard that Glen does, our country and the Church would be stronger for it.  God willing, one day I’ll be a husband and a dad.  Glen is one of those guys I hope to, in part, model my marriage and family after.

First met in person: August 2010