CNN Anchor: Breitbart Editor Took Him out of Context

20 June 2012, 23:10 CDT

CNN’s Don Lemon accused Breitbart and Larry O’Connor of taking him out of context by posting a video of Lemon on CNN discussing the behavior of a Daily Caller reporter toward President Obama.


Larry replied with a series of tweets asked Lemon for clarification, offering to correct the record, and inviting Lemon to come on to the Dennis Miller radio show as a guest to explain how Larry failed.  As of this time, Lemon has still not responded.

Flyover Country has put the video next to the same video as posted by on the liberal site Crooks and Liars:

What say you, @DonLemonCNN? Will you hide behind your camera and your keyboard, or will you man up? You made a public, serious accusation against another person. Own your words.

CNN: Texas Hillbilly Folk Protectin’ Their Own

12 June 2012, 20:41 CDT

You have 90 seconds to tell a story about a dad who fought off, and killed, his daughter’s attacker.  Quick: what one point do you most want to get across to the audience?  Do you talk about the little girl and her family’s suffering, or would you choose to focus on the fact that dad may not be charged with murder?

A few days ago, a Texas father caught a man in the act of molesting the father’s 4 year old daughter.  In defense of his child, the father punched the attacker in the head to the point where the man died.  In their report, CNN mocks the residents of Shiner, Texas who would have done the same thing for their children.

The reporter admonishes us not to rush to judgement quite yet. “We don’t know all the details of this case,” she says, as if that has ever stopped the media from wild speculation, or jumping to conclusions before.  She wants to know from the Sheriff if dad should be charged.  In a veiled warning to viewers the local authorities can’t be trusted, that a small town might be incapable of fairness in this case, her voiceover informs us “Sheriff Harmon [pause for emphasis] has children, too.”

No where in the nearly 90 second package does the reporter inquire or even seem interested in the well-being of the father or his daughter.  Not once does she even feign concern that a child has been irreparably damaged.  She wishes to prove a point about how “these people” take matters into their own hands.

“The people of Shiner don’t need a jury on this one.  We couldn’t find a single person who thinks the father should be locked up.”  Please CNN, interview someone from your part of the country that thinks a father protecting his precious daughter, a girl not even old enough to go to school yet, should be incarcerated for ending the life of a man who before his very eyes is violating his little girl.  She never hints the father’s devastation not only at what happened to his daughter, but remorse for what he did to the man.

Yet, this reporter from the “most trusted name in news” demonstrates a complete lack of compassion for the family, with her big-city leftist hubris driving the narrative.

The undertone is quite clear: Flyover Country folk are backward hillbillies, and wild west justice prevails.

Small wonder CNN’s ratings, at a 20 year low, are in the tank.

h/t Big Journalism

Boston Landlord: No Veterans Allowed

5 June 2012, 20:55 CDT

From Big Peace:

Anti-war activist Janice Roberts, a 63-year-old Dorchester, Massachusetts resident, has refused to rent an apartment to Sgt. Joel Morgan, 29, a veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Roberts told Morgan, according to the lawsuit Morgan filed this week, that his military service presented a “conflict of interest” for her, since she was a peace activist. “Because of what you told me about the Iraq war … we are very adamant about our beliefs … it’s just not comfortable for us … and I’m sure now that you know this, it would not be comfortable for you,” Roberts said via voicemail to Morgan. “I would suggest you do the right thing and look for a place less politically active or controversial.”

Morgan, who is no longer active military, is in training to become a firefighter in Boston. “I’ve never been in that situation, so it was like, ‘I don’t understand what you mean, I just want to give you a check and rent an apartment,’” Morgan told the media.

First, let’s get the legal argument out of the way.  Roberts is unquestionably in the wrong, and should lose easily in court. She specifically singled out Sgt Morgan’s lawfully protected class in denying him housing.  Paragraph 1 of the Fair Housing for Veterans Fact Sheet from the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership:

What is fair housing and how does it relate to veterans?

Fair housing is a set of principles, civil laws and regulations which provide equal access and opportunity to housing for protected class members. It impacts the property owner’s policies, practices, procedures and services in terms of advertising, application, tenant selection, amenities, and termination. Under Massachusetts fair housing law, Chapter 151B, military status, which includes veterans is a protected class. Protected classes are designated groups of people and their families that are covered under fair housing law. The military status protected class covers veterans, those individuals on active duty, and those persons enrolled in the Reserves. (emphasis mine)

Sgt Morgan was shot at and risked his own life to protect this woman’s right to be an idiot.  He returns to the states and seeks out a career running into burning buildings to save lives and property.  The thrice-over hero is thanked by the hippie with veiled threats that he really shouldn’t come around, and that his money isn’t welcome in her part of town.

That’s not America.

Images: CBS Boston, Flyover Country


Celebrating Memorial Day

28 May 2012, 16:11 CDT

From The Daily Lex – May 28th

Celebrating Memorial Day

[On Memorial Day] we may ask our children to remember those who gave the utmost level of devotion to secure our freedoms. But we mostly don’t talk among ourselves about the fact that names are still being added to the list of the lost, names that until recently belonged to people, but now belong to memory, belong to the ages. Names that once brought smiles to parents’ faces and light to a lover’s eyes but now bring only a whistling blow to the pit of the stomach for those who loved them. Names that now signify a vast, empty, mournful space that actual people used to fill.

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Photo: Flyover Country