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CNN Anchor: Breitbart Editor Took Him out of Context

20 June 2012 – 23:10 CDT

CNN’s Don Lemon accused Breitbart and Larry O’Connor of taking him out of context by posting a video of Lemon on CNN discussing the behavior of a Daily Caller reporter toward President Obama.


Larry replied with a series of tweets asked Lemon for clarification, offering to correct the record, and inviting Lemon to come on to the Dennis Miller radio show as a guest to explain how Larry failed.  As of this time, Lemon has still not responded.

Flyover Country has put the video next to the same video as posted by on the liberal site Crooks and Liars:

What say you, @DonLemonCNN? Will you hide behind your camera and your keyboard, or will you man up? You made a public, serious accusation against another person. Own your words.

ObamaCare: Reuters Style

15 May 2012 – 23:04 CDT

Citing ObamaCare as the primary cause, an Ohio university is dropping their student health plan.  The “Affordable Health Care Act” meant that the insurance rates were going to double.  From $600 to $1200.  Apparently in progressive math, when 2+2 = 5, then $1,200 is less than $600.

That isn’t what caught my attention, however.  Notice how the following statement is constructed.

Students now will likely have to be covered through their parents’ policy, though Reuters reported that fewer than 2000 of the school’s 2,500 students had been buying insurance from the university.

Let me rephrase what Reuters just reported and what the Fox story said.  Fewer than 4 out of 5, less than 80%, of the student population had been buying health insurance through the university.  Or, over 75% of the university’s students had been buying insurance from the university.  (Obviously, it could be just 1% (any number less than 80%) of the students on the university health plan, but for the sake of being reasonable we know that isn’t the case here or they would have reported that.)

Reuters is covering for ObamaCare.  They carefully worded the statement to make it seem like not very many students were using this insurance, so it really isn’t that big of a deal for the university to be dropping it.  In fact, a massively overwhelming majority of the students participated in the program.

Clever, but we in the new media see you, democrat media complex.  We see you.



A Hero is Lost: RIP Andrew Breitbart

1 March 2012 – 10:57 CDT

I guard the title of “hero” very closely.  Andrew Breitbart passed away today at the age of 43.  He leaves behind a wife and four kids.  I had the chance to meet him for the first time at Smart Girl Summit in St Louis last summer.  For all of his boisterous personality and public battles with the left, Andrew was a genuinely nice guy.

I happened to be walking back from wherever I was to the area where the conference was being held.  As one does, I fell in behind a guy who was going the same way.  Didn’t recognize him, didn’t think much of it until he turned around slightly when he opened a door.  Andrew Breitbart was walking in front of me.  What struck me immediately was that he was carrying coffee. But not just one coffee, he was carrying one of those trays from Starbucks that holds four cups of coffee.  As I followed him in to the venue, he stopped at a table where Jon David Kahn and Holly Bacon were sitting to drop off one of his cups of coffee for Jon.

Andrew Breitbart, giant of a man, celebrity, figure head of the Breitbart empire of new media, hugely popular, capable of untold influence, force of nature, happy warrior, and bane of the left went to go get coffee for other people.

Andrew is my hero not just for his fierce and eloquent defense of conservative principles, not just for how he believed in, advocated, and used the power of new and social media as a force for the good of the republic, not just for his hatred of bullies or his love for our troops, but for the humble servant who made a coffee run that day in St Louis.

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