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Celebrating Memorial Day

28 May 2012 – 16:11 CDT

From The Daily Lex – May 28th

Celebrating Memorial Day

[On Memorial Day] we may ask our children to remember those who gave the utmost level of devotion to secure our freedoms. But we mostly don’t talk among ourselves about the fact that names are still being added to the list of the lost, names that until recently belonged to people, but now belong to memory, belong to the ages. Names that once brought smiles to parents’ faces and light to a lover’s eyes but now bring only a whistling blow to the pit of the stomach for those who loved them. Names that now signify a vast, empty, mournful space that actual people used to fill.

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Open Season on American Military

1 May 2012 – 20:12 CDT

Even casual readers will know that a hallmark of Flyover Country is our unashamed and open support for the military and their families.  I’ve stepped in and quietly picked up the check at a restaurant for someone in uniform.  I make it a point to stop and say “thank you” instead of walking past the stranger with the “101st Airborne” hat on.

A few months ago, a highly educated elitist professor emailed his university colleagues calling it “shameful” to send care packages to military serving overseas.  He wrote in part “sympathy for American troops in harm’s way is ‘not particularly rational in today’s world.'”  No, the shame lies entirely on this leftist constitutional law professor, who despite his position and title cannot fathom the simple fact that his right to free speech is protected by the very Americans he denigrates.

Today, two stories caught my attention.  Jaci Greggs, wife of an active duty solider, wrote of a talent agency targeting and cold calling military wives and widows, on behalf of CBS, about a reality dating show.

Turns out, not everyone they’ve contacted is a widow. And several of the widows are in relationships, or not seeking one–all facts clearly and openly stated on their blogs. In fact, the person who received that specific email does not run either of the blogs mentioned, and is not a widow. One widow posted in a forum that she replied that she wasn’t interested and asked not to be contacted again. She was then badgered with two subsequent emails. Reports are that neither of these situations is unique.

The overwhelming response from the milspouse blogging community has not been favorable, to put it mildly. We’re at once a diverse group and a uniform one, a worldwide community made up of less than 1% of the American population. And fiercely protective of our own. And when one of our spouses becomes a Gold Star spouse, we all hurt.

So CBS has a talent agency trolling military spouse blogs to exploit their sacrifice and tragedy into a reality show to make a buck.  Whatever fools at CBS thought this was a brilliant idea can’t begin to understand the military family and should be ashamed of themselves.

LA state Representative Ortego, on the floor of the people of Louisiana’s House, recently had the audacity to mockingly question one of his colleagues on attracting military veterans to the state.  The basic premise of the bill author’s intent was that military veterans with two years of active duty service in the United States military would qualify for in-state tuition.

The video is instructive.

Ortego: Why are we trying to attract veterans to Louisiana?
Lorusso: Because I think veterans make good citizens of the state and good members of the community.
Ortego: Okay. Okay. Umm. I’m just wondering also because usually a lot of times veterans come with a lot of issues too and I know the federal government tries to, tries to deal with a lot of those issues. But do you think that we’re gonna be able to deal with them too?
Lorusso (incredulous): I don’t know what you’re referring to by issues Representative Ortego.
Ortego: Homeless rates, and umm,  mental illness rates uh especially when they’re coming back after a war.
Lorusso: Well, if they qualify to enroll in our colleges we hope that’s vetted out through the process.
Ortego (laughing): I would hope so, too.  I’m just, you know, my point is also that we’re at the same time we’re also don’t you think that we need to be investing in our umm hospitals with mental illness?
Lorusso (clearly angry): If you bring a bill we’d be happy to discuss it.
Ortego: For our veterans?
Lorusso: You’re free to file a bill.

I’m not sure that I could have hand-picked a more disrespectful, ungrateful, shameless college kid brainwashed from the aforementioned Professor Avery’s classroom.

Don’t ever, for one second, allow the far left to tell you that they support our heroes.  The American military has been among the few cherished institutions they’ve avoided assaulting directly for the last 30 years.  Since the Vietnam days, they’ve generally stuck to small, crazy lunatic protests and Hollywood films that more often than not lately as Americans have come around to the tactics, are ending in disaster for the studio.  With the election of President Obama and his open support of groups like OWS, the left is growing more bold in their efforts to tear down the country in an effort to remake her in their image.

In my time with Honor Flight, I’ve been very direct with the Vietnam veterans who volunteered with me: “I wasn’t born when you came home, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t there for you.  I’m here with you and these World War II veterans, in part, because what happened to you should never, ever happen again.”

Blamestream Media Strikes. Again.

22 March 2012 – 16:41 CDT

Frothing at the mouth once again at a chance to push their twisted view of those with whom they politically disagree, the media blamed those crazy right wingers for murders at a Jewish school in France.  From the story at Big Journalism:

Until today, the New York Times described the Toulouse mass murderer as a “neo-Nazi”, anti-immigrant, intolerant xenophobe who killed Jewish schoolchildren in cold blood, and who was planning to kill again.  Yahoo/AP fantasized that the Toulouse shooting deaths “were somehow inspired by anti-immigrant political talk,” religious bigotry, and a “growing climate of intolerance.”  The UK Daily Mail explained that most Frenchmen are historically anti-semitic, suggesting the French democratic system was to blame because it “encourages political extremism” as candidates “promote intolerance and pander to the bigotry of neo-Fascists.”

The truth is, the killer was none of these things.  He was (he’s dead now, the French cops sent him to meet his maker) a Muslim terrorist.  That, however, doesn’t fit.  We hardly have to look close to realize that the mass of intolerance comes straight from the media and the left – facts which don’t align simply cannot be tolerated.

The media has a nasty track record of defining the narrative they want early, and later when the facts turn out to be opposite – the story finds itself buried or simply not reported.  The meme that conservatives, small government, and rule-of-law (i.e. those who favor legal immigration) types are the angry violent racists among us live a hair trigger from snapping is pushed out into the public before the facts ever have a chance to present themselves.

As the BigJ author points out, this happens over and over again.  The left and the media blamed Sarah Palin for the psycho murdering in people Arizona and attempting to assassinate a sitting Congressman.  The LA Times said it best: “Sarah Palin unapologetic after criticism related to Arizona shootings”  First, blaming Sarah Palin and conservatives is farcical on its face.  But when it turned out that the guy was a whacko who had nothing to do with the former governor of Alaska, conservatives, or the tea party we hear crickets, then nonsense. “But but she … well she … Sarah Palin is stupid!”

Memo to the so-called journalists out there: you keep connecting dots that simply don’t exist.  You make up facts in the absence of said.  Don’t wonder why folks are unsubscribing and turning you off, and why an outlet like Air America was such a huge disaster.

Maybe in those elite j-schools we always hear about which say we must recognize the overwhelming journalistic credibility of our betters, they could use less left-wing indoctrination and more of the basics.








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Sad Irony: Death Threats against Palin Spike after AZ murders

13 January 2011 – 21:21 CDT

Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at ‘Unprecedented Level,’ Aides Say

Ironically the leftist outcry following the AZ shooting at Rep Giffords’ event over and squarely blaming “violent rhetoric” – exclusively from the crazy right if you believe the papers – backfires as Palin faces increased death threats from the tolerant left.  Or did it?  The left and their media lap dogs never leave any room to question how much they loathe Palin and her middle American values – God, family, country.  By no means comprehensive, Michelle Malkin has detailed the illustrations portraying actual, direct violence against conservatives, including Gov. Palin by image or name.  We have plenty of examples of actual violence perpetrated against those the left believes are a threat – Kenneth Gladney being just one example.  Never heard of him? Probably because the media has tried desperately to spike the story.

The ABC article barley mentions the threats alluded to in the headline but instead spends most of the piece focused on Palin’s use of the phrase “blood libel”, willfully ignoring the entire other 8+ minutes.  Palin brought the criticism on herself, ABC says.

Palin responded in detail today to the attacks leveled against her, but while her intentions may have been to shift the blame away from herself, she instead put her [sic] in the hot seat again.

The article never once attempts to examine the source, the validity, or bother to remark on how utterly more grotesque threats against Palin and her family are in light of the AZ murders.  No discussion of anything else Palin had to say, or if perhaps she was elevating the dialog by appealing to the goodness in all of us, instead of harping on the negative.  Beating a long dead horse, they wrap up with a quote from Rep Clyburn, reminding us the former governor of Alaska is stupid.

“Intellectually, she seems not to be able to understand what’s going on here,” Clyburn said in a radio interview.

This is the left’s idea of civil dialog.  Conservatives should shut the hell up, because we’re not smart enough to engage with the intellectually superior left.  If we won’t be silent, Clyburn will have his daughter on the FCC take care of us by regulating free speech out of existence.

Article (h/t Big Government)