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Secret Racism Decoder Ring

31 January 2012 – 23:13 CDT

We’ve been hearing for a while now from the leftist elites about how whites and conservatives use dog whistles and coded racial language to mask their hatred for Obama because he’s black.  We couldn’t possibly disagree with his policies or his world view.  Until now, I had been able to blow it off because they were people I didn’t really care much what they thought.  They’re hacks.

In steps Juan Williams.  We probably disagree on most issues, but he’s a bright, thoughtful guy I’ll listen to.  He usually stays away from the typical leftist “you disagree? How dare you, you’re a racist!” tripe.

His piece in The Hill today, “Racial Code Words Obscure the Real Issues” gives me pause to wonder if I shouldn’t rethink that.  If he or anyone else on the left has a secret decoder ring, I have 6 Frosted Flakes box tops, $5, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Just tell me where to send it.

Let’s break down Mr. Williams’ first three examples of coded language:

entitlement society – this phrase and this idea has been around long before Obama became president. Government largess is today doled out on the backs of the 53% of us actually paying income taxes. Social security. Welfare.  The push for universal healthcare.  Cradle to grave handouts from the government, paid for by you and I.  France has been an entitlement society for many years.  Massive taxes, a stagnant economy, and virtually no entrepreneurial innovation are the obvious and undeniable result.In a free society, you do not have a right to a demand, expect, and use the force of government to make me give you my stuff.   No one is entitled to take that which I have worked for.  Sadly mistaken are those who truly believe that what is their’s is their’s, and what’s mine is also their’s.

(image: Gateway Pundit)

poor work ethic – people who can but won’t work are lazy, useless drains on the rest of productive society and don’t deserve a dime of my hard earned wealth, born from the fruits of my labor. You work, you eat. You don’t work? Hope a charity feels sorry for your waste of flesh, because I sure don’t. A poor work ethic goes along with an entitlement society. The attitude that says “I don’t need to earn it, you should give it to me!  If you won’t, I’m going to take it!” used to be a source of shame.  Now it is celebrated and coddled by the left.  Mr. Williams bemoans how few blue collar jobs are available.  There are two reasons for that: First, unions extort exorbitant wages and benefits from companies, meaning there are fewer jobs to be had.  Labor costs alone for UAW shops average around $70/hr.  Second, in the United States, taxes on corporations are some of the highest in the world – 5th highest overall and twice the average.  That is money that could have been used to hire more people.  The argument here is that because there aren’t enough jobs to go around, we need more entitlement spending.  More entitlement spending means taking more money out of the private sector, laundering it through several government bureaucracies who really couldn’t care less about waste, fraud and abuse, and then finally cutting a check to someone sitting on their couch at home all day with their Cable TV tuned to VH-1.  A vicious circle barely covers it.  Want more jobs?  Eliminate the government-sourced protection racket for massively wealthy unions by disbanding the NLRB, lower taxes to spur investment, and eliminate useless, monstrous, and burdensome bureaucratic nightmare regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley.  Government does not create jobs, government does not create wealth.  Government destroys wealth.

food stamp president – more people are on food stamps – an entitlement – than at any other time in our history. That is a simple fact.  The closest thing President Obama ever had to a job was a community organizer in Chicago — a fancy label for “one who teaches people to demand handouts from businesses, tax payers, and government”.  One may recall the premiere community organizing outfit – ACORN – famously demanding loans for people who could not possibly repay them, and in other cases physically storming into a bank with the express intent of intimidating – extorting – the bank officials to meet their demands.

If you don’t work, you don’t eat.  We the people don’t owe anyone food, housing, or cell phones.  One college student’s stories about her time working at Wal-mart and the abuse of welfare programs that she witnessed is infuriating – because we’re paying for these bums.  They’re mooching off our dime.

We choose, through volunteering, charity, civic organizations, and our churches to help those less fortunate.  Unlike the left would have us believe, government forcibly taking from one and giving to another isn’t charity. It is theft.  The sad reality is that for all their rhetoric about wanting to help the poor, those who self-identify as liberals give far less to charity than their conservative counterparts.  Leftists don’t believe in the capability of the individual to be good or generous.  They do believe government must, by force, take from some people and give to others in the name of “leveling the playing field”.

Disappointingly enough, the truth is there is no code book, and no decoder ring.  This makes it impossible for the conservative to win any argument.  No matter what words, label, or phrase we employ to convey our ideas a leftist will see racism because they want to — but more importantly because they can’t win the argument on the merits.

I’m not a racist, and I don’t have to speak from an obtuse politically correct phrase book prove it to anyone.  I want government out of your life as much as I do out of mine, and the guy running a business so that he is free to hire you – provided you’re willing to show up on time, work hard, and stop demanding that the rest of us owe you something by nature of your existence on this earth.

The president and his minions on the left could be purple with red polka dots and I wouldn’t really care.  I do care that they think they’re much smarter than me and have decided the fruits of my labor belong to them to distribute as they deem fit.