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Franklin County BOE Screws Up

11 November 2011 – 16:14 CDT

Without suggesting any malice or intent, it looks like the Franklin County Ohio Board of Elections really screwed up the electronic voting machines this time around.  I used to be a polling official for Franklin County, and there was some nonsense that went on, and some that I never wrote about involving election observers who were acting as election officials, etc.

A friend of mine who still does the type of work I did in Franklin County forwarded me the following email laying out what a disaster last week’s election was.  One has to wonder not necessarily about whether the county-wide mistake was intentional but a) did anyone have an opportunity to take advantage of it and b) how much worse was it, really?  I know from working at a major university when an electronic theft of personal information happened that the official story isn’t even close to what actually happened.

From: Precinct Election Officials <>
Subject: Election Night Results Tapes
To: “”
Date: Friday, November 11, 2011, 9:20 AM

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