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GasPowerGames: How many patches do I need?

30 November 2007 – 17:12 CDT

I bought Supreme Commander a few months ago but have had near constant problems with it crashing. Typically I’m playing a skirmish against the computer and I get most of my base built up and the game causes the computer to crash requiring a hard reset. The graphics are excellent, but crashing is not.

I’m reinstalling the game in Windows XP 32-bit and instead of trying to manually patch the game, I’m trying to let the GPGnet (online multi-player wizard thing) run the updates because I was having a hard time getting it right apparently. The GPGnet client has restarted about 6 times now – each time finding a new patch. And each time, prompting me to log back into GPGnet. Except, it says I’m already logged in. And each time it does that, it seems to take a little bit longer before it will stop saying “already logged in”. Needless to say I’m getting pretty peeved. This is not how you treat your customers who kindly paid for the software and didn’t pirate it.

Why are silly games so fun…

2 November 2006 – 21:17 CDT

My latest addiction … if only to watch little cackling gnomes bounce off my paddle and turn into power-ups…