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CNN: Texas Hillbilly Folk Protectin’ Their Own

12 June 2012 – 20:41 CDT

You have 90 seconds to tell a story about a dad who fought off, and killed, his daughter’s attacker.  Quick: what one point do you most want to get across to the audience?  Do you talk about the little girl and her family’s suffering, or would you choose to focus on the fact that dad may not be charged with murder?

A few days ago, a Texas father caught a man in the act of molesting the father’s 4 year old daughter.  In defense of his child, the father punched the attacker in the head to the point where the man died.  In their report, CNN mocks the residents of Shiner, Texas who would have done the same thing for their children.

The reporter admonishes us not to rush to judgement quite yet. “We don’t know all the details of this case,” she says, as if that has ever stopped the media from wild speculation, or jumping to conclusions before.  She wants to know from the Sheriff if dad should be charged.  In a veiled warning to viewers the local authorities can’t be trusted, that a small town might be incapable of fairness in this case, her voiceover informs us “Sheriff Harmon [pause for emphasis] has children, too.”

No where in the nearly 90 second package does the reporter inquire or even seem interested in the well-being of the father or his daughter.  Not once does she even feign concern that a child has been irreparably damaged.  She wishes to prove a point about how “these people” take matters into their own hands.

“The people of Shiner don’t need a jury on this one.  We couldn’t find a single person who thinks the father should be locked up.”  Please CNN, interview someone from your part of the country that thinks a father protecting his precious daughter, a girl not even old enough to go to school yet, should be incarcerated for ending the life of a man who before his very eyes is violating his little girl.  She never hints the father’s devastation not only at what happened to his daughter, but remorse for what he did to the man.

Yet, this reporter from the “most trusted name in news” demonstrates a complete lack of compassion for the family, with her big-city leftist hubris driving the narrative.

The undertone is quite clear: Flyover Country folk are backward hillbillies, and wild west justice prevails.

Small wonder CNN’s ratings, at a 20 year low, are in the tank.

h/t Big Journalism

ObamaCare: Reuters Style

15 May 2012 – 23:04 CDT

Citing ObamaCare as the primary cause, an Ohio university is dropping their student health plan.  The “Affordable Health Care Act” meant that the insurance rates were going to double.  From $600 to $1200.  Apparently in progressive math, when 2+2 = 5, then $1,200 is less than $600.

That isn’t what caught my attention, however.  Notice how the following statement is constructed.

Students now will likely have to be covered through their parents’ policy, though Reuters reported that fewer than 2000 of the school’s 2,500 students had been buying insurance from the university.

Let me rephrase what Reuters just reported and what the Fox story said.  Fewer than 4 out of 5, less than 80%, of the student population had been buying health insurance through the university.  Or, over 75% of the university’s students had been buying insurance from the university.  (Obviously, it could be just 1% (any number less than 80%) of the students on the university health plan, but for the sake of being reasonable we know that isn’t the case here or they would have reported that.)

Reuters is covering for ObamaCare.  They carefully worded the statement to make it seem like not very many students were using this insurance, so it really isn’t that big of a deal for the university to be dropping it.  In fact, a massively overwhelming majority of the students participated in the program.

Clever, but we in the new media see you, democrat media complex.  We see you.



Blamestream Media Strikes. Again.

22 March 2012 – 16:41 CDT

Frothing at the mouth once again at a chance to push their twisted view of those with whom they politically disagree, the media blamed those crazy right wingers for murders at a Jewish school in France.  From the story at Big Journalism:

Until today, the New York Times described the Toulouse mass murderer as a “neo-Nazi”, anti-immigrant, intolerant xenophobe who killed Jewish schoolchildren in cold blood, and who was planning to kill again.  Yahoo/AP fantasized that the Toulouse shooting deaths “were somehow inspired by anti-immigrant political talk,” religious bigotry, and a “growing climate of intolerance.”  The UK Daily Mail explained that most Frenchmen are historically anti-semitic, suggesting the French democratic system was to blame because it “encourages political extremism” as candidates “promote intolerance and pander to the bigotry of neo-Fascists.”

The truth is, the killer was none of these things.  He was (he’s dead now, the French cops sent him to meet his maker) a Muslim terrorist.  That, however, doesn’t fit.  We hardly have to look close to realize that the mass of intolerance comes straight from the media and the left – facts which don’t align simply cannot be tolerated.

The media has a nasty track record of defining the narrative they want early, and later when the facts turn out to be opposite – the story finds itself buried or simply not reported.  The meme that conservatives, small government, and rule-of-law (i.e. those who favor legal immigration) types are the angry violent racists among us live a hair trigger from snapping is pushed out into the public before the facts ever have a chance to present themselves.

As the BigJ author points out, this happens over and over again.  The left and the media blamed Sarah Palin for the psycho murdering in people Arizona and attempting to assassinate a sitting Congressman.  The LA Times said it best: “Sarah Palin unapologetic after criticism related to Arizona shootings”  First, blaming Sarah Palin and conservatives is farcical on its face.  But when it turned out that the guy was a whacko who had nothing to do with the former governor of Alaska, conservatives, or the tea party we hear crickets, then nonsense. “But but she … well she … Sarah Palin is stupid!”

Memo to the so-called journalists out there: you keep connecting dots that simply don’t exist.  You make up facts in the absence of said.  Don’t wonder why folks are unsubscribing and turning you off, and why an outlet like Air America was such a huge disaster.

Maybe in those elite j-schools we always hear about which say we must recognize the overwhelming journalistic credibility of our betters, they could use less left-wing indoctrination and more of the basics.








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Sad Irony: Death Threats against Palin Spike after AZ murders

13 January 2011 – 21:21 CDT

Death Threats Against Sarah Palin at ‘Unprecedented Level,’ Aides Say

Ironically the leftist outcry following the AZ shooting at Rep Giffords’ event over and squarely blaming “violent rhetoric” – exclusively from the crazy right if you believe the papers – backfires as Palin faces increased death threats from the tolerant left.  Or did it?  The left and their media lap dogs never leave any room to question how much they loathe Palin and her middle American values – God, family, country.  By no means comprehensive, Michelle Malkin has detailed the illustrations portraying actual, direct violence against conservatives, including Gov. Palin by image or name.  We have plenty of examples of actual violence perpetrated against those the left believes are a threat – Kenneth Gladney being just one example.  Never heard of him? Probably because the media has tried desperately to spike the story.

The ABC article barley mentions the threats alluded to in the headline but instead spends most of the piece focused on Palin’s use of the phrase “blood libel”, willfully ignoring the entire other 8+ minutes.  Palin brought the criticism on herself, ABC says.

Palin responded in detail today to the attacks leveled against her, but while her intentions may have been to shift the blame away from herself, she instead put her [sic] in the hot seat again.

The article never once attempts to examine the source, the validity, or bother to remark on how utterly more grotesque threats against Palin and her family are in light of the AZ murders.  No discussion of anything else Palin had to say, or if perhaps she was elevating the dialog by appealing to the goodness in all of us, instead of harping on the negative.  Beating a long dead horse, they wrap up with a quote from Rep Clyburn, reminding us the former governor of Alaska is stupid.

“Intellectually, she seems not to be able to understand what’s going on here,” Clyburn said in a radio interview.

This is the left’s idea of civil dialog.  Conservatives should shut the hell up, because we’re not smart enough to engage with the intellectually superior left.  If we won’t be silent, Clyburn will have his daughter on the FCC take care of us by regulating free speech out of existence.

Article (h/t Big Government)