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Franklin County BOE Screws Up

11 November 2011 – 16:14 CDT

Without suggesting any malice or intent, it looks like the Franklin County Ohio Board of Elections really screwed up the electronic voting machines this time around.  I used to be a polling official for Franklin County, and there was some nonsense that went on, and some that I never wrote about involving election observers who were acting as election officials, etc.

A friend of mine who still does the type of work I did in Franklin County forwarded me the following email laying out what a disaster last week’s election was.  One has to wonder not necessarily about whether the county-wide mistake was intentional but a) did anyone have an opportunity to take advantage of it and b) how much worse was it, really?  I know from working at a major university when an electronic theft of personal information happened that the official story isn’t even close to what actually happened.

From: Precinct Election Officials <>
Subject: Election Night Results Tapes
To: “”
Date: Friday, November 11, 2011, 9:20 AM

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Columbus: A City Formerly Known as American

20 May 2010 – 12:37 CDT

Responding to a story in the Dispatch that Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman has decreed that city employees will no longer be permitted to travel to Arizona:

@RickSheridan: Remember when Columbus, OH was an American city? It’s one place I will not be spending any money. #tcot

Yesterday, I was really angry with Coleman.  I still am, but this makes me really sad.  Not the last bit, but the question he asks.  I live in Columbus and have for about 15 years – about half my life.  This is my home, and I’ve always believed that we were a middle-american town with real american values: family, hard work, the rule of law.

[T]he review of Arizona contracts won’t apply to the city’s agreement with Phoenix-based Redflex Traffic Systems, which owns and operates 20 red-light cameras.

A new contract approved by council members this month will double the number of cameras posted at Columbus intersections to issue tickets to red-light-runners.

Rescinding that program “wouldn’t make sense to the taxpayers,” Williamson said.

In other words, Coleman is an unbelievable hypocrite.  He will try to punish Arizona, but simultaneously wants the fines generated by the products made in Arizona – money directly from the wallets of Columbus taxpayers.  “Wouldn’t make sense to the taxpayers” my ass.

Coleman will get away with it, because no one in Columbus stands up to him.  He convinced voters to approve a tax hike with threats of cutting emergency services.  About a month or so ago, the city magically came up with $130 million for capital improvements.

Here’s how it goes: The next time there is an election, Mayor Coleman and the city council will point at these capital improvement projects they have started (or completed) as indicators of how successful they have been for the taxpayers and citizens of Columbus.  They will fail to mentioned that they paid for these improvements through a tax hike, which was passed under threat of losing our firefighters, cops, and teachers.

The mayor of Columbus bought his re-election with our tax dollars.  Now he acts like he has the brass ones to tell Arizona they’re not allowed to enforce the law.  A law (pdf), which mirrors and references the federal statutes at least 17 times in its 17 pages.

For me, I’ve purchased an Arizona flag and will be flying it outside my Columbus home.  I will also be printing a copy of Arizona SB1070, complete with highlights on the references to the federal law, and mailing it to Coleman’s office.  I’m sure, just like the Whitehouse*, he has actually read the law — but just in case.

* okay. That was Obama saying he didn’t have the facts, but he knew the Cambridge police acted stupidly.  It goes to a pattern of conduct by the Whitehouse of opening their mouths and proving time and again how incompetent they are.

Ohio AG: Constitution as a Document of Unlimited, Unenumerated Federal Authority

1 April 2010 – 23:52 CDT

The best thing about President Obama’s election and the recent passage of so-called “Health Care Reform” is that the elected representatives who believe there are no limits on government control, what government may tell us we must do, are opening their mouths and exposing themselves.

The Ohio attorney general, the highest law enforcement officer in my state, believes that because the Constitution does not explicitly protect us from government taking an action against us, they’re legally entitled to do so

I had to watch it twice to believe that I’d heard him say that the Bill of Rights does not give me the right NOT to purchase health insurance.  Therefore, according to his logic, the government may compel me by force to purchase anything it thinks I should have.  This is an incredible, nearly unbelievable assbackwards bastardization of the Constitution.  The whole point of the 9th and 10th amendments is that the states and we the people retain the power, and any rights we don’t explicitly loan to the federal government.

IX. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

These last two items in the Bill of Rights are there for a very specific reason: The Constitution spells out for the federal government specific (enumerated) powers.  The rest are retained by the people.  Mr. Cordray seems to believe exactly the opposite: if the Constitution does not specifically prohibit an action by the federal government, then the federal government has the power to enact and enforce legislation concerning the unenumerated area of human behavior.  In other words, all authority, rights, and power begin with the federal government, and are granted to the people as the government sees fit.  That is precisely the opposite of what the 9th and 10th amendments are crystal clear on.