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Campus Crusade Changes Their Name

22 July 2011 – 22:30 CDT

Beginning in 2012, Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCi) will officially rename their U.S. operations to “Cru”.  When the news of this broke on twitter, I was kind of confused.  I couldn’t figure out why the organization would be dropping “Christ” from their name, since it seemed to be at the very core of the mission.  I would know about the mission, I spent 4+ years heavily involved at Ohio State on a nearly daily basis and at the regional level for our annual Christmas Conferences.  My weeks in college were generally 12-15 hours of classes, 20 hours of paid work, and 20-50+ hours spent doing volunteer work for  Crusade — depending on what we had going.

I had a few tweets back and forth with a couple of people about the subject, including Todd Starnes.  While his name was familiar, I didn’t know who Todd was, just seemed like a guy on twitter scratching his head like I was.  I pretty much forgot about it until the next morning on my way into work when Glenn Beck opened his show talking about the change.  I replied to the conversation from the previous night and mentioned that Beck was kind of going off about it.

Todd responded and asked me to send him a quick email and said that he was working on a story for this topic.  In twenty minutes or so, I thumbed out an email on my phone answering Todd’s questions about what I thought about the change.  I was pretty up front that it didn’t make much sense to me, and I explained why it didn’t make sense and how I saw it in the larger context of political correctness’s war on Christian faith.  I figured a sentence or maybe two would end up in a blog post on FoxNation somewhere.

A portion of my email ended up in the article that Todd wrote, which went up on  To be completely fair, I do not believe that Todd took anything I said out of context or tried to twist my words.  He asked if it would be okay to quote me and I didn’t have a problem with it.  My words are mine and I own them.

The unexpected fallout from what was published hit home when an old friend who stays in touch with the CCCi staff called to explain that I and the article were the topic of conversation among CCCi leadership yesterday, and that the article was posted on the front page of  I never expected my comments to reach so far.  I’m a single insignificant person, with an insignificant voice.

Unfortunately, in part because I know at least a handful of the staff, my published statements were taken as a personal attack.  They were never meant as such.  We just disagree on this matter.  That being said, much of my understanding of my own faith comes from the time spent under wise teaching of campus staff.  I want to extend my heartfelt apology to any of the CCCi folks who were hurt by my words.  I know from working along side you in the past that you are sincere in your efforts to reach the world for the Kingdom.

I will have more on the subject, as well as thoughts from my email that weren’t published which may help explain my position a little bit better than the FNC article does.  That, however, is for another day.

Edit: It was pointed out that the change, as per CCCi’s website, only affects U.S. operations.  The first paragraph was changed to reflect this. (h/t Eric Seymour)

Offended by … cookies?

6 December 2006 – 18:46 CDT

Only in San Francisco could someone complain about a “Got Milk” ad featuring cookies…

“Critics have complained the ads could be offensive to the poor and homeless who can’t afford to buy sweet treats.”

I’m offended that we let such morons continue to live in this country and don’t send them to an island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific that they can live away from the rest of us and only have themselves to be offended by.

I found the above quote in a collection of bizarre stories called Out There. It turns out that the story wasn’t over. The critics weren’t finished. They managed to get the city to PULL the ads. SF might be a good place to look for lost loved ones, because a bunch of little villages are missing their idiots tonight.

alleged over-use of the word “alleged”

14 April 2006 – 09:03 CDT

“Grand jury investigates slugger Barry Bonds for alleged perjury during steroids testimony”

If he is being investigated, doesn’t that imply the charges are alleged? Isn’t that what the grand jury is supposed to do, find out if there is any substance to the allegations? I’m all for innocent until proven guilty, we all know that. So please, for the love, stop allegedly using the word “alleged” as it relates to every single possible alleged criminal matter.