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CNN Anchor: Breitbart Editor Took Him out of Context

20 June 2012 – 23:10 CDT

CNN’s Don Lemon accused Breitbart and Larry O’Connor of taking him out of context by posting a video of Lemon on CNN discussing the behavior of a Daily Caller reporter toward President Obama.


Larry replied with a series of tweets asked Lemon for clarification, offering to correct the record, and inviting Lemon to come on to the Dennis Miller radio show as a guest to explain how Larry failed.  As of this time, Lemon has still not responded.

Flyover Country has put the video next to the same video as posted by on the liberal site Crooks and Liars:

What say you, @DonLemonCNN? Will you hide behind your camera and your keyboard, or will you man up? You made a public, serious accusation against another person. Own your words.

ObamaCare: Reuters Style

15 May 2012 – 23:04 CDT

Citing ObamaCare as the primary cause, an Ohio university is dropping their student health plan.  The “Affordable Health Care Act” meant that the insurance rates were going to double.  From $600 to $1200.  Apparently in progressive math, when 2+2 = 5, then $1,200 is less than $600.

That isn’t what caught my attention, however.  Notice how the following statement is constructed.

Students now will likely have to be covered through their parents’ policy, though Reuters reported that fewer than 2000 of the school’s 2,500 students had been buying insurance from the university.

Let me rephrase what Reuters just reported and what the Fox story said.  Fewer than 4 out of 5, less than 80%, of the student population had been buying health insurance through the university.  Or, over 75% of the university’s students had been buying insurance from the university.  (Obviously, it could be just 1% (any number less than 80%) of the students on the university health plan, but for the sake of being reasonable we know that isn’t the case here or they would have reported that.)

Reuters is covering for ObamaCare.  They carefully worded the statement to make it seem like not very many students were using this insurance, so it really isn’t that big of a deal for the university to be dropping it.  In fact, a massively overwhelming majority of the students participated in the program.

Clever, but we in the new media see you, democrat media complex.  We see you.



New Era of Foreign Relations

11 May 2012 – 18:49 CDT

Simply put, the left hated George W Bush for more reasons than I have room to list.  Some legit, mostly not.  They assured and crowed about the new era of relationships with world leaders under President Obama, so severely soured under President Bush that they were virtually irreparable.  One of the great savior of the world Obama’s first acts was a mind-numbing insult to our closest ally – the return of a post-9/11 gift to the British.

Today, the American and British intelligence communities are said to be furious with the Obama administration for leaking classified, operational intelligence about a bomb plot.

“In their place, I would think two and three times before sharing with the Americans, and then only do it if I had to. The problem with that dynamic is that you don’t know what you don’t know, and what opportunities you might be missing when you decide not to share. The Americans are doing a very good job of undermining trust, and the problem starts at the top.”

The timing of the information about the CIA’s foiling of a would-be bomber just a few days after Obama’s victory lap trip to Afghanistan to visit US military who fight on his behalf seemed odd.  Now we know why.

A new era of foreign relations.  If by “new era” you mean acting time and again to ensure that our British friends may never trust the United States of America again, then yes. We’re in a new era.

Chaos at the Libertarian Party Convention

7 May 2012 – 19:48 CDT

If the headline seems familiar, it should be.  A little over a month ago, Flyover Country reported on the chaos at a Missouri Caucus.  The Paul supporters reacted negatively, and left several comments along the lines of “shame on you and your complete mischaracterization”.  Saturday, – a libertarian publication – published a piece titled “Anarchy at the Libertarian Party Convention

Las Vegas – After a relatively uneventful president and vice-presidential nominating process, all hell broke loose at the Libertarian National Convention when the Libertarian Party attempted to pick a new national committee chair. The race between current chair Mark Hinkle and vice chair Mark Rutherford fell into disarray when a group of delegates associated with Lee Wrights made a push for the option of None Of The Above.

The selection of “None of the Above,” or NOTA, would exclude Hinkle and Rutherford from future rounds of ballots, while opening the race to candidates who can be nominated from the floor. Wrights said he would accept the nomination.

That sounds oddly familiar.  We told our readers about the ousting of the presumptive county chair, and how confusion reigned.  We stood by our reporting from that day.  Given the anarchy wrought by Ron Paul supporters around the state of Missouri on caucus day, and now Reason’s reporting on the same kind of antics at their national convention – we feel quite vindicated that we reported honestly and accurately the events that transpired.