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Win32 software

5 November 2005 – 18:31 CDT

I’m a fan of Linux and open source software. I’m not thrilled about Linux on the desktop, and several apps I use for work aren’t available on anything except Windows. However, as I’m fighting Windows software to finish a project, I again am reminded why I absolutley loathe closed-source windows-centric software.

Adobe Indesign is throwing completely stupid errors. The first was this:

“There is at least one data placeholder that cannot be found in the data source. Make sure all the placeholders correspond to the fields in the data source.”

I have 50 damn data points on the page. How hard would it be to tell me which one is wrong? The software has no idea even how many are missing. One is wrong, so lets just throw an error and quit. Especially considering because of the way that placeholders work, I can’t see most of them because they go out of frame range. I’ve seen a lot of inane unhelpful non-specific error messages in windows, but this one defintley makes the top 10.

Here is another from InDesign:

“EPS Import: Undefined error”

Thats when trying to copy an object – a frelling graph – from ADOBE Illustrator. The applications even came bundled together in something called the “Creative Suite” What a load of crap. Adobe makes some nice software – I certainly would not want to attempt this project in Publisher – but give me a break already.